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Working with Léa Gossington will enrich your life

Léa is a warm-hearted and empathic person, she responds to people, she listens – especially to peoples´ hearts. She senses discrepancies and finds methods and ways to balance them out. Léa Gossington reflects moods, emotions and crises that have manifested in peoples' lives and subtly addresses things that are uncomfortable. She gives space and opportunities to reappraise past emotions and to encourage personal development.

Franz-Joseph Huainigg
Former MP

In our sessions I learned to deal with deep inner conflicts on a physical and emotional level. Thanks to Léa's empathy, sensitivity and authentic sensitivity has not only given me the opportunity to open the door to my true self, but also to recognise the numerous other facets and potentials that lie dormant within me and are just waiting to be awakened.

I am deeply grateful to be accompanied by Léa on this spiritual journey to myself!

Levi S.

After our sessions I feel much more space inside. Space to be with what is. Space to be able to move through the challenges in my life right now.

Tina B.

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